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Volkswagen Group Starts Electrify Canada Fast Charge Network

Volkswagen Group Canada has just announced a new company that will build what it calls an ultra-fast EV charging network across much of Canada.

Electrify Canada is the northern equivalent of VW's Electrify America effort to build a network of EV chargers that spans the country. Or at least much of the country's major cities and highways connecting them, to start.

The initial plan calls for 32 EV charging sites in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. The charging stations will be able to deliver up to 350 kW, which is enough to add as much as 200 km of range in an eight-minute charge, as long as the vehicle can accept that charge rate. There aren't any EVs available now that are capable of charging that quickly, but companies that include the Volkswagen Group have said they're on the way. This network will be able to charge the next generation of long-range EVs.

Each charging site will have around four chargers, and they will support the common DC fast-charge CCS and CHAdeMO protocols. Speeds of 50 kW to 150 kW charging will be available for current fast-charge-capable EVs. The sites will be near major highways and metro areas.

“The Canadian electric vehicle market is growing, creating a great need for charging that is fast, convenient and available in key locations,” said Daniel Weissland, president and CEO, Volkswagen Group Canada, Inc. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this service and to take a leadership position in providing this key EV adoption enabler to the Canadian market.”

Electrify Canada says that it will offer customer care to all vehicle brands to make sure that EV drivers will have access to the chargers, even if their EV isn't a VW or Audi or Porsche (or other VW Group Canada) vehicle. The network is expected to come online in the second quarter of 2019.