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Lighter, More Powerful, Longer McLaren

McLaren has just revealed the latest in their Sports series. The new 600LT is longer and more powerful. And in the wake of the company calling for a weight race instead of a power race, the new model trims nearly 100 kg from the curb weight.

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said earlier this week that he wants to see a weight race take over from the current horsepower arms race. Lighter cars can go more quickly and handle better with less power and using less fuel. Flewitt also wants McLaren, and the UK industry in general, to lead the charge.

To that, enter the new 600LT. It sits with the 570S in the Sports Series, also known as the entry-level series of McLarens. The 600LT boosts the automaker's 3.8L twin-turbo V8 even higher. It now makes 600 hp and 457 lb-ft. That's up from the 570s and its, well, 570 hp. The spent gasses from all that power exit through glorious twin exhausts that protrude Porsche 918-like from the top of the engine cover.

The LT name means this is the stretched model, but don't expect more passenger room. It's longer in the tail, calling back to the F1 GTR longtail that trimmed weight and added top speed to win the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1997. This is just the fourth model to wear the Longtail name.

It's 74 mm longer than the other Sports Series models, thanks to a new front splitter, extended diffuser, and fixed rear wing. Along with new side skirts, McLaren says the bodywork boosts downforce substantially to improve the track experience.

The 600LT's carbon bodywork, and shorter exhaust help trim kilos from the scale. Super-lightweight carbon seats from the McLaren Senna trim even more, and a carbon roof and front fenders are available. The new car is 96 kg lighter than a comparable 570s and its lightest dry weight is 1,247 kg.

Production of the 600LT will be limited, although McLaren hasn't said the exact number. Production starts in October and will last about a year.