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Yamaha Launches 2019 Side-by-Side and ATV Lineup

Yamaha has launched its 2019 lineup of ATVs and side-by-sides. There are refinements, enhancements, and the all-new Wolverine X2.

The Wolverine X2 takes last year's X4 and drops two seats. Yamaha calls it the ultimate two-seat trail-exploring vehicle. Losing two seats means a shorter wheelbase and a more compact chassis. That means it can better handle tight and technical terrain. To help it do work off the beaten path, there is a new dump bed that can handle 273 kg and a towing capacity of 909 kg. The Wolverine X2 uses an 847 cc twin-cylinder engine.

For 2019, the YXZ1000R SS SE gets new styling for the race-ready chassis. With the new body comes an oversized and relocated radiator for better cooling, seats that put driver and passenger lower in the chassis, a new suspension, and better accessory integration. A new rollover protection system is designed to increase comfort and driver confidence.

On the ATV side, the Grizzly EPS SE gets more power for 2019 from a revised 700 cc class engine. It also has better acceleration from a new gear reduction. The Grizzly is further refined with new bodywork and 14-inch wheels as well as a new dash. The Special Edition also wears 27-inch Maxis 'Zilla tires for more ground clearance and improved capability. New engine mounts are said to increase refinement and provide improved rider comfort.

The 2019 Yamaha models will start to roll out to dealers this month.