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Depreciation Appreciation: 2008-2015 Infiniti G37 / Q60

Welcome to Depreciation Appreciation! Every month, your pals at dig up an instance of how depreciation can make for an extraordinary used car deal.

This time ’round, we’re having a look at a solidly reliable and properly thrilling sports coupe that’s come and gone in recent years: the Infiniti G37.

Launched for model year 2008 as an all-new machine with a new engine, new look, and new platform, the two-door G37 was available in coupe and convertible variants over its lifespan, depending on the year in question. Special high-performing versions from the Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) were available too.

Note that from 2014, the G37 was renamed to Q60.

The big appeal here? Through years of researching used cars, your correspondent finds the Infiniti G37 (and its sportier brother, the Nissan 370Z, if you’re wondering) appear to be amongst the most reliable and worry-free used premium coupes on the road – provided they’ve been properly cared for and maintained.

Key reasons why? The powertrain used in these models is comprised of an award-winning engine that Infiniti built for years, other major driveline components look very solid, and as a Japanese car, the models appear pleasantly free of the sort of wiring, electronic, and computer-related gremlins that can plague many a German competitor as they age.

The Sticky

Infiniti’s coupe packed standard V6 power, a high-quality interior, plenty of upscale feature content, and unmistakable looks. A convertible variant joined the model line as well.

Standard or Sport models were on offer, the latter designated by a red “S” in the name badge (i.e. G37S or Q60S), and featured upgraded suspension, tires, brakes, and other provisions. Added exclusivity and power came from the rare, low-volume IPL variants.

With two doors and four seats, the G37 / Q60 Coupe and Convertible were somewhat more practical and spacious than comparable two-seat luxury performance models. Feature content included navigation, push-button start, a premium Bose stereo, automatic xenon lighting, a sunroof, climate-controlled leather seating, and more.

All models got Infiniti’s VQ37VHR V6 engine, which displaces 3.7 litres and generates 330 horsepower on most models. To the delight of enthusiast drivers, this engine loves to spin fast, and flaunts a 7,500 rpm redline. It also sounds killer with a quality aftermarket exhaust. The IPL variants saw 348 horsepower, thanks to several engine and breathing tweaks. Shoppers could choose from a seven-speed paddle-shift automatic or a six-speed manual, depending on the model selected. Rear-wheel drive was standard, and all-wheel drive (AWD) was available, though only with the automatic transmission, and not in the IPL variants.

Approximate New Value

When it was brand-spanking new, the Infiniti G37 Coupe relieved owners of about $48,000 for starters, with higher-end units, like the Sport, pushing that figure beyond $50,000. Various packages and options allowed owners to push the price higher still.

Midway through the model’s life cycle, the IPL version debuted, the IPL Convertible once commanding a starting price of over $67,000.

Let’s cut a line down the centre, and say that for much of its life, the last full generation of the Infiniti Coupe was about a $55,000 car.

Approximate Used Value

With reasonable mileage after a few years of use, many copies of the Infiniti G37 / Q60 Coupe can be had for compellingly low prices today. Here’s one example of a G37x, with AWD and a few goodies, on offer for about $21,000 with fewer than 71,000 kilometres on the dial. And another, in a similar ballpark, complete with the Tech Package.

If you’ve got a little more budget, pricing towards $31,000 will get you a unit like this or even this convertible, with relatively low kilometres at about five years old.

Here’s a low-mileage 2015 Q60 with AWD on offer for under $29,000. And another, for under $26,000. That’s about half of the original value at just four years old. You could spend more on a Civic!

With about 100,000 kilometres of use, you’ll find used G Coupes for around $15,000 all day long. Here’s one example.

Or up the mileage, and slash the price. This well-used G37 Sport has over 150,000 kilometres and has an asking price of under $12,000. Here’s another similar example And one more, with 174,000 clicks of use for $7,995!

Test Drive Tips

A major part of the appeal with a used Q60 / G37 is what appears to be the long-term reliability of these machines. With proven drivelines and technologies, and Japanese (not German) wiring and electronics, most trouble areas common in modern used luxury performance cars haven’t proven to be much of an issue for owners.

That said, long-term reliability is hugely a function of how well the vehicle was driven, maintained, and cared for by past owners, so shoppers are advised to seek out a used copy with full service records that prove all oil changes, servicing, tune-ups, and maintenance were carried out on time, as per the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual.

Further, as these machines are popular candidates for modification, it’s important to note that the average shopper is best to avoid a model that’s fitted with non-factory suspension parts, engine modifications, or computer software, for maximum peace of mind. Intake and exhaust upgrades are typically no cause for alarm, provided the parts and installation are of high quality, though more extensive modifications can cause headaches.

Other checks are fairly standard: assume any used model you’re considering needs new tires and brakes until you confirm otherwise, and work with a dealer to ensure any applicable recall work has been completed, for maximum safety and peace of mind. You’ll need the VIN number.

Scrutinize the condition of the vehicle’s paint and finish, noting that many owners have been disappointed by poor durability from the paint on their machines. Check the headlights for signs of yellowing, haze, or discoloration, too, as this will affect the performance of the headlights. Check that all interior surfaces are in good shape, and be on the lookout for excessive wear of the leather seats, bubbling of the dashboard surface, and peeling or chipping of steering-wheel trim.

Run all electronics through their paces, including all remote keyfobs, the push-button start, the motorized seat adjustments, and the central command system. Problems in these areas are unlikely, but a few have been reported. Further, drivers are advised to confirm that the air conditioner is working properly, too.

By and large, powertrain reliability looks to be mainly a function of maintenance. No major issues seem reported by owners with enough frequency to warrant much concern, though ensuring the engine, AWD system, and transmission are all properly serviced and running fresh fluid at all times, tends to go a long way towards a worry-free driving experience.

The Verdict

The last complete generation of Infiniti’s G37 / Q60 makes a compelling springtime sports-car buy, thanks to highly reasonable resale costs and above-average reliability, as premium performance coupes go. Have any unit you’re considering inspected fully by a trained technician before your purchase. With a clean bill of health, the G37 / Q60 Coupe and Convertible seem to make for a thrilling used ride that you can buy with confidence.