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New Show 'Fastest Car' Pits Exotics Against Home-Built Racers

Netflix has been adding more and more original content but hasn't had much in the way of automotive reality shows, with the exception of a few seasons of Top Gear. Fastest Car is the streaming video company's first original car show, and attempt to right that wrong.

The new series is about drag racing. In each episode, three cars will appear as sleepers. Cars built by their owners to go very fast. Even if they look like they wouldn't go past the nearest inspection station. In fact, the crustier they look, the better it is. As long as they're fast.

The three sleepers will race one of the world's top exotics. A different car each time. Each one trying to be named you guessed it  Fastest Car.

The trailer looks at some of the contenders, like a Honda Odyssey minivan, Chevy S-10 pickup, Viper ACR, and Lamborghini Aventador.

Automotive reality shows aren't always looked at favourably by enthusiasts, but skipping the drama of the build for more racing is a good way to fix that. YouTube commenter badopinionsrighthere sums up our feelings well: "I hope this doesn't become yet another obnoxious reality TV show full of manufactured drama about jerks yelling at each other while someone runs an angle grinder in the back of the garage."

The show starts April 6th, and as per usual on Netflix, all the episodes come out the same day. In the meantime, here's the trailer.