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Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Makes It Official

Toyota today gave us our first look at its forthcoming Supra sports car in a racing concept unveiled in Geneva.

But looks are all we get, as Toyota has revealed nothing concrete about what kind of performance the road-going version will offer nor what will power it.

The closest we get is Toyota's mention that the concept is front-engine/RWD and has paddle shifters on the car's steering column. Given current industry trends -- even in sports cars -- we would count on the production car also sporting paddles to control an automatic transmission that could be the only one offered.

Toyota, of course, is keen to remind us of the Supra's "iconic" pop culture status, thanks to appearances in the Fast and the Furious movie and Gran Turismo video game franchises. At the very least, this concept is proof that Toyota is committed to bringing the Supra back to its showrooms.

In the meantime, note the concept's rear wing and bold bodywork, much of which is crafted from lightweight composite materials. Centre-nut wheels house Brembo brakes, and whatever is under the hood breathes out through a racing exhaust system.

Toyota doesn't even so much as hint when it plans to bring a production Supra to market, but does point out that this concept will be featured in the next Gran Turismo update, set for an April release.