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New Brunswick First EV-Connected Province

The federal government has just announced an investment that nearly doubles the number of fast chargers in New Brunswick, creating what it calls the first fully connected province.

The investment covers the cost of nine new fast chargers in NB Power's eCharge Network, bringing the total to 19. The aim is to allow battery electric vehicle drivers more freedom to drive the entire province, as well as encourage the use and purchase of electric vehicles in the province, which doesn't currently offer a purchase incentive. Seven of the nine DC quick chargers are already deployed and operational.

MP Serge Cormier made the announcement on behalf of the Minister of Natural resources earlier today. The government will be contributing $450,000, along with an additional $197,500 from the federal gas tax fund.

That combines with $197,500 from the Regional Development Corporation and $577,000 from NB Power to make for a $1.4 million investment in electric car charging.

“Expanding the network of electric vehicle charging stations, in New Brunswick and across the country, will give Canadians more transportation options and help put more clean vehicles on our roads and highways”, said Cormier. “Congratulations to NB Power and its partners for helping to advance our federal and provincial efforts to build a clean economy, create well-paying jobs, and realize our climate change goals.”

The new chargers are located in Saint Quentin, Eel River Bar, Bathurst, Tracadie, Miramichi, Doaktown, Richibucto, Rothesay, and the last will go in an as-yet-undecided location in southwestern NB. These new locations connect the northeast parts of the province along the Highway 11 corridor, and help link major routes through the center of NB. The chargers in Rothesay and southwestern NB will fill in coverage gaps in those parts of the province.

All are now open, with the exception of the one in Saint John suburb Rothesay and the yet to be determined southwestern NB location. The main route through New Brunswick, Highway 2, is already linked by 10 fast chargers.

NB Power's fast charger network uses the ChAdeMO and CCS charging protocols to provide level 3 fast charging, which means that the majority of EVs are supported. Level 3 charging is currently $15 per hour. Level 2 charging is also offered at each station for a significantly lower fee.