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Aston Martin Recalls Rollaway Cars

Aston Martin has recalled Canadian-market models with faulty transmission control software that could allow the luxury car to roll away when parked.

An Aston Martin may be a particular super-spy's getaway car of choice, but this recall involves an automatic transmission with push-button controls that would surely cramp his style.

Mr. Bond is certainly capable of his own car-related foibles, but remember the scene in Spectre where he dumps the one-off DB10 in the Tiber River? Imagine, instead, watching your DB9 or Vanquish roll unceremoniously down an embankment before ending up going for a swim.

Dubbed Touchtronic II by the British sports car maker, the six-speed automatic gearbox's electronic controls may not talk properly to the key docking station, the result being a possible failure of the parking pawl to engage, allowing the car to roll away. 

According to the Transport Canada recall notice, the affected cars include the DB9, DBS, Rapide, Vanquish and Virage sold between 2009 and 2016.

The Touchtronic II is controlled via push-buttons on the centre stack, an arrangement that has since become more common thanks to automakers like Honda, Acura and Lincoln, all of which use push-button gear selectors in some models. Trust us -- putting one in a fab car like an Aston doesn't make it less annoying, especially when, in left-hand-drive models, the D-for-drive button is practically in your passenger's lap.

Aston Martin says it will update the transmission control module's software in the 331 affected vehicles.