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The Bentley Bentayga for Hunters

It's the latest super special Bentley by Mulliner. Once again, Mulliner has gone to extremes to show off just how personalized they can make a Bentley product. This time it's for field sports enthusiasts, aka hunters. 

Mulliner is Bentley's personal commissioning division. That's what you call the customization department when you're dealing with this level of luxury. Mulliner has released several super-special Bentleys over the last few years, including a yacht-inspired Continental GT, a Bentayga for fly fishing, and one with a dashboard falcon. And yes, you read that right.

The latest is for "sporting countryside pursuits." That means hunting, although Bentley is very careful not to use that word. They've actually come up with some clever ways around it, like "the perfect rural adventure," and "discerning field sports enthusiast."

The Bentayga Field Sports by Mulliner - henceforth called the BFSM - was developed with gunmaker James Purdey & Sons. That company spends up to two years handcrafting a shotgun for each buyer.

The BFSM's boot holds a sliding storage compartment designed for field sports. It has tailored sections to hold shotgun cartridges, binoculars, and protective gear. There is also a humidor and a drinks section. Of course. The entire compartment is lockable to add a layer of security and safe storage.

Between the rear seats is a locking leather-lined stowage case to hold up to two guns. Those guns are not included, but we're sure that Purdey would be delighted to tailor a brace of the near $200,000 shotguns or rifles for you. Buyers can specify a Purdey bag that contains more outdoor accessories like a waistcoat, waterproof cape, gaiters, shoes, and another bag for a change of clothes.

Notably missing is any way of protecting the quilted leather interior from the mud, grass, and other detritus that the field sports golden retriever will inevitably bring back to the BFSM. Or some way to help it up onto the higher load floor of the accessory case. But owners of the BFSM probably have another Bentayga that does kennel duties. Or maybe a lowly Range Rover.

Mulliner again shows the kind of personalization that they can offer to buyers of the luxury brand. Though if you put this one in your garage, you might want to keep it away from the Bentayga Falconry. Some very expensive feathers could fly.