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First Official 2018 Jeep Wrangler Photos Released

After a long, long wait, full of spy photos and rumours, Jeep has finally released photos of the next-generation 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

For full info about the ultimate factory off-roader, we'll have to wait until the end of the month, when Jeep will reveal all at the LA Auto Show.

The new design is distinctly Wrangler. Anything else would probably result in a revolt at the Toledo, Ohio, plant that builds them. There are some changes to the new Jeep, though.

The windshield still folds, but there is an A-pillar that remains in place. That makes for a safer ride than the current model. It's a little sleeker, there is a new cut-line in the doors, and the fuel filler is now hidden instead of exposed.

But the next-gen JL (versus the current JK) Wrangler photos show that a manual transmission and manual transfer case will still be available. That, or they've designed an auto with a very convincing shifter. Jeep says it will have more open-air freedom than before.

We'll bring you the rest of the info at the full reveal later this month.

Jeep has also revealed that they will have a full line of Mopar accessories for the new Jeep right from launch, when over 200 will be available from Chrysler's factory parts unit.

The new parts include lift kits, bead lock wheels, off-road bumpers, off-road lights, and rock rails to protect from trail damage. Jeep even provides brackets to mount all of the off-road road lights you could ever want. The lift kit and high-top fenders allow 37-inch tires to fit.

New accessories include a roof rack for the first time. There are also ski, snowboard, and bike carriers to attach to it. A tailgate table makes trail dining easy.

Jeep said that 98 percent of Wranglers have at least one Mopar accessory, which might make it the most customized vehicle anywhere.