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Ontario Motorcycle Fatalities Highest in a Decade

The OPP has revealed some startling numbers about the number of motorcycle fatalities in Ontario. And it comes with some warnings to drivers.

Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Kerry Schmidt tweeted the statistics earlier today. With the riding season not yet over, 47 riders were killed in motorcycle collisions this year. That's not just the highest number in a decade, but nearly 25 percent more than last year.

It's the latest in a trend that has seen the number of fatalities rise to new highs in three of the last four years.

Schmidt said that more than half of the riders were riding properly and following the rules of the road at the time. Most were also in clear and dry conditions. That means that much of the time, cars and trucks were to blame.

Motorcycles can be tougher to see than cars and trucks. They are smaller, but they are far from invisible. Schmidt says "if you see a motorcycle, give them space. And make sure that you give them the same courtesy and respect that every motorist needs. Give yourself a little extra time to find out whether or not there is a motorcycle coming up around you."

The OPP also nabbed two more car drivers for stunting over the weekend. Both in the same spot on highway 403 in Mississauga. A Mazda3 driver was pulled over doing 160 km/h, and an Audi S5 was caught doing 185. Neither teen driver had a full license. Both receive a seven-day suspension, seven-day impound of the vehicles, and a whole host of fines.

So slow down, and in the words of Don Cherry, keep your head up.