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Nissan Shows Hotted Up Leaf Nismo

Nissan is bringing a high-performance Leaf concept to the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. It has better aerodynamics and increased performance. It looks good, too.

The Nismo Leaf concept adds performance styling to the electric Leaf. The Nismo appearance package adds exterior tweaks that improve the Leaf's aerodynamics. It gets a bigger front bumper, wider side skirts, and take a look at that massive rear diffuser. Nissan says that it "results in enhanced aerodynamic performance," and reduces lift at speed, but that the changes don't hurt the Leaf's low drag coefficient.

It certainly looks quicker than the regular Leaf, revealed last month. The black two-tone roof and red trim are more Nismo styling tweaks that result in a better-looking Leaf. The red trim carries over to the inside as well.

But sporty looks are nothing without performance, and Nismo has tweaked the Leaf under the skin too. The Leaf Nismo gets a sport-tuned suspension and trades low rolling resistance for high-performance tires. On top of the suspension changes, Nismo has tuned the computer to deliver quicker acceleration at all speeds.

This is still a concept, and Nissan Canada won't comment as to production plans. But as far as concepts go, this one looks more production ready than most. And Nissan did reveal earlier this year that they had plans for more Nismo models. So this one might just make it to showrooms.