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Hyundai Shows Next Fuel Cell SUV

Hyundai is showing off their newest fuel cell SUV. And giving some information about their upcoming EVs too.

Hyundai's newest hydrogen fuel cell SUV is the debut of the company's fourth generation fuel cell. That's quick development since Hyundai debuted the first commercial fuel cell vehicle in 2013.

The new cell is more efficient. It uses less hydrogen and has an efficiency level of 60 percent. That's nine percent better than the Tucson FCEV. Hyundai says that the new model is aiming for a 580 km range based on Korean economy testing standards.

With the extra efficiency comes more power. 20 percent more power than before, with 163 hp. The new cell has improved cold start capability and can be started at temperatures as low as -30°C.

Hyundai has improved hydrogen storage density in the fuel cell's tank. The new system has three equally sized tanks instead of the two different sized tanks used before. A new liner means less tank thickness and more hydrogen storage for the same tank weight.

The styling of the new SUV takes its cues from the FE Concept, which debuted at the Geneva show earlier this year. Hyundai says the look is inspired by the flow of water, the car's only emission. The design is intended to emphasize the non-polluting nature of the new vehicle.

Hyundai also confirmed some of their EV plans for the near future. They said that they will have 31 eco-friendly models between Hyundai and Kia by 2020. One of those will be a compact Kona EV. That will launch in the first half of next year and have a 390 km range. It will be followed up by a Genesis EV as well as a long-range EV with a 500 km range, both in 2021.

Hyundai will show the fuel cell vehicle at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, this January in Las Vegas. That's when we'll find out the vehicle's new name too.