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Here's the New Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin has just given us an excellent look at their next Vantage model. The camouflage paint scheme and giant Pirelli banner hide a few of the details, but this is the shape that you can expect. And to nobody's surprise, it looks good.

The 2019 Vantage wears modern Aston Martin lines, but it does well to differentiate from the DB11. The paint job makes it hard to tell if it's real or just a stripe, but it has what looks to be the fender strakes from the DB11. Just below that stripe, there is a fender vent. So it might have the cut out that the DB11 has, or it might just be there to throw your eye away from the vent. The nose is very different from the upright grille of the DB11. It looks much more like the underslung grille from James Bond's DB10 in Spectre, which is no bad place to take inspiration.

As far as what's under the hood, the obvious choice is the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 that was just announced for the DB11. It's originally a Mercedes-AMG engine but makes 503 hp and 512 lb-ft in Aston Martin tune. Power levels might end up little lower than that, so that the Vantage doesn't step on the DB11's toes. If the V12 Vantage returns, it would likely have a version of Aston's new 5.2L engine, also found in the DB11.

Expect more information and a better look closer to the car's debut.