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Dodge Makes Every Demon Buyer Promise to Try Not to Kill Themselves

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is requiring everyone who buys the hellishly quick Dodge Demon to sign a notarized form acknowledging they're aware the car is basically barely legal for public roads, and potentially dangerous in common conditions (rain, highway driving, cold temperatures).

Among the most telling items on the list of conditions, a copy of which Dodge enthusiast site got hold of, is that the most beastly version of Dodge's Challenger coupe is an 840-hp monster that comes with drag tires that are not suited to wet weather, or temperatures below 15 degrees Fahrenheit (about -9 degrees Celsius) because they could "lose flexibility that may lead to cracking" and other damage.

There are other, more obvious items, like the one that implores Demon owners not to use the car's drag race features on the street, nor to allow anyone to ride along if your order includes the delete option for the front passenger seat and/or rear bench.

Industry publication Automotive News published an April 2017 editorial suggesting the Demon should not be legal for use on public roads, and then, a week later, its long-time publisher called that opinion misinformed and wrong, saying it was up to consumers to decide if they wanted to buy a Demon.