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Next Honda Accord Gets Two Turbo Drivetrains, Manuals and Hybrid

This time the spy photo is coming from inside the house. Honda's released a photo of a camouflaged all-new 10th generation Accord set to arrive soon. They've given a few details too, like two new turbocharged engines. Plus they're offering a manual on both, along with a 10-speed auto on one engine.

The all-new Accord will get three powertrains. The first is a 1.5L turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder with variable cam timing. That engine will be paired with either a six-speed manual or a continuously variable automatic transmission. The second drivetrain is a 2.0L four with a turbo, direct injection, and VTEC. That one comes with a six-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic. Honda says that the 10-speed is a first for a front-drive passenger car.

The third drivetrain is a two-motor hybrid system. It's the next generation of Honda's hybrid powertrain that has no conventional transmission. Instead, it uses four different gearsets, depending on what combination of generator, engine, and motor are being used, but all the ratios are fixed.

It's hard to see much of the new styling under all that covering, but Honda said that the new car will "have a dramatically lower and wider appearance that creates a more aggressive and athletic stance. Honda said that the new model will ride on a new platform, calling it "a new-from-the-ground-up design."

The all-new 10th generation Accord is due to launch later this year.