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Nissan Launching Incentivized Certified Pre-Owned Program for Electric Leaf

Nissan Canada is launching a new program certifying pre-owned Leaf models to take advantage of Quebec's new rebate on used EVs. The cars will be previously owned Leafs, from model years 2013 and 2014, imported from the US or outside the province. Nissan is also adding some finance and lease deals on top of the existing government rebates.

Nissan is offering 1.99 percent financing for either 48 or 60 months on the CPO Leafs in SL and SV trim, but rather uniquely, Nissan is planning to offer leasing of these cars as well. Nissan is offering a 36-month lease at 3.99 percent on SL and SV trim Leafs. Both offers help make it easier for buyers to get into an electric vehicle.

The program is for Quebec only, at least for now, to take advantage of the recent $4,000 incentive offered by the province on qualifying used EVs, which can be combined with Nissan's above incentives for some appealingly low monthly payments. The rebate is part of Quebec's plan to bring more EVs into the province, and to have 100,000 plug-in and EVs on the road by 2020 - but not to incentivize the same electric vehicle twice.

The CPO 2013 and 2014 Nissan Leafs coming from the US get daytime running lights and metric gauges, a big requirement for Canadian roads, but they also get a larger washer fluid tank. Canadian winters can use a lot of window juice, so Nissan will install 4.5L tanks in place of the 2.5L tanks on the US cars. That has the bonus of holding a full container, instead of leaving you with a half-full jug in the trunk.

They're also going to ensure the pre-owned vehicles on offer have level 3 charging capability and a winter package that adds heating to the battery and door mirrors, and provide heated seats front and rear. A heated steering wheel is also part of the package.

As part of the program, all CPO Leafs will also receive a three-year, 40,000 km manufacturer-backed limited warranty.