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Watch A Maxima Get Dragged Down The Highway By A Semi Truck

Here's our quiz question for today: How did the truck driver in this video not notice he had a mid-sized sedan wedged under his back bumper?

To our eyes, the only way this could have happened was that the Maxima's driver cut too close to the truck when pulling out to pass, struck the trailer's wheel with the front corner of the car and got reeled in like a 1,500-kg metal fish.

We don't doubt the truck driver may not have felt the impact, but we have a hard time believing he wouldn't have suspected something was wrong based on the cloud of white smoke pouring from the general area of the back of his rig, not to mention the stream of drivers honking horns as they drove past.

The post accompanying this Facebook video says the incident occurred on Interstate 15, which starts in California, near the Mexican border, and then ends at the Canadian border with Montana. The car bears California plates, so based on that and the envy-inducing sunny weather, it's a safe bet this happened closer to I-15's southern end.

Check out the video and tell us what you think.