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Ford Launches First Pursuit Rated Hybrid

Ford is making police chases greener and quieter with the all-new Police Responder Hybrid. Or as you and I will know it, the police package Fusion Hybrid.

Ford says the new green cruiser is the first ever pursuit-rated hybrid. It uses the 141 hp 2.0L four-cylinder and 118 hp electric motor from the regular 2017 Fusion Hybrid for a combined 188 hp. There are a few changes for the severe duty service including that the Police Responder Hybrid can now do just 100 km/h on battery only, down from 137 km/h on the regular car. That change could help conserve battery power for when it's needed. The Responder Hybrid will also go to maximum performance more quickly and for a longer time.

Where the hybrid really shines is in everyday duty. Police cars spend much of their day idling, and the Police Responder Hybrid can save a massive amount of fuel when compared with Ford's 3.7L Interceptor Sedan. The Taurus-based Interceptor Sedan consumes 1.8 L of gasoline for every hour it spends idling. The Hybrid uses just 0.7 L. Since patrol cars spend much of their days idling, they should see big savings even sitting still. On the move, the Interceptor sedan is rated for 13 L/100 km and the Hybrid should use just 6.2, potentially cutting fuel costs in half for departments that use them.

The hybrid cruiser is part of a stream of 13 new Ford electric and hybrid vehicles that are on the way. There will be another hybrid police car, a full EV SUV with a 500 km range, and a hybrid F-150 and Mustang, among others. The Police Responder Hybrid is scheduled to arrive in the US this summer. No word yet on when Canadians can expect to see one in their rear-view.