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Lamborghini Huracán Performante Breaks Seven Minute Mark on Nurburgring

Lamborghini has just released footage of their newest supercar doing an extremely fast lap of Germany's most notorious toll road/race track, the Nurburgring. The Huracán Performante video comes with some big news. The newest bull has smashed the seven-minute mark around the 20.8 km track. The 6:52 second lap puts it five seconds up on the Porsche 918 Spyder and eight seconds up on the Aventador SV. And it looks like the car will turn a quarter tank of gas into sweet, sweet music while it does it.

Details of the car are still thin, but it's rumoured to make 630 hp from the Huracán's naturally aspirated V10 engine. That power comes with great thirst. Take a look at the fuel gauge at the start and end of the clip. The Huracán Performante uses nearly 1/4 of a tank in a lap. The standard Huracán LP610 isn't the most economical car so it already comes with a tank that holds 90L. So on a 20.8 km lap of the 'ring, the Performante uses about 22 litres of high octane fuel. That's less than one km per litre of gas, or 105.6 L/100 km, to be more exact. Or 2.7 miles per imperial gallon, if you prefer the old math. Thirsty. We're guessing buyers of the sure to be low-production exotic won't mind.

The car is set for launch next week at the Geneva Motor Show, but this isn't the first video Lamborghini has released. The last one showcased the car's active aero devices. It will have a movable front spoiler and an adjustable rear wing. The two will change profiles to either increase cornering or maximize acceleration and top speed, whichever is needed at the time. We're looking forward to hearing all the details next week. Until then, enjoy the videos.