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Cadillac CUEs Up Improved Infotainment System

GM's Cadillac brand is set to introduce an updated version of its CUE infotainment system it hopes will address criticism aimed at the functionality of the current setup.

The current iteration of CUE, which stands for Cadillac User Experience, was introduced in 2012 and is one of myriad infotainment systems found in modern cars. As with other such systems, CUE was conceived to consolidate advanced technology functions into vehicles while allowing a straightforward dashboard design.

But CUE is among the least likeable infotainment setups available today, and that poor reputation is having a negative effect on the brand's overall rankings by car reviewers and in consumer surveys by groups like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates. compiled lists of best infotainment this year and back in 2015, and CUE didn't make it onto either one.

Curiously enough, Cadillac could take tips from its Chevrolet and Buick counterparts, whose own infotainment setups are among the best in the business.

Cadillac says the new CUE system will have a more intuitive interface and is based on a more "dynamic" platform that will be upgradeable over time to adapt to "a customer's evolving connectivity needs."

Key to the new design is a summary screen that shows current climate, audio, phone and navigation settings on one screen; the current CUE only shows details of any one of those systems at a given time. Another change is a navigation function that works more like that on a smartphone, with a better search function and the ability to learn your preferred routes and destinations and offer predictive suggestions based on those and current traffic conditions.

Also new are cloud-based preference profiles that will allow you to load your settings in any CUE-equipped Cadillac model.

The next-generation CUE system will appear first in the 2017.5 Cadillac CTS, due to reach showrooms within a matter of weeks, and will add it to the XTS and ATS models for 2018.