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The Best (and some not quite the best) NFL-Themed Cars

The NFL playoffs are over, which means that the Super Bowl lineup is now set. The Altlanta Falcons will battle the New England Patriots on February 5th. This is the time of year when the casual fans jump on the bandwagon and the hardcore fans turn things up to 11. There are few fans that get more passionate than football fans, which can easily be seen in the massive tailgate parties before games. That's where fans show off their jerseys, their hats, their face paint, and their cars. That's right, cars. Cars, trucks, and SUVs painted up in team livery is a really big thing for NFL fans, with some cars looking like they have dozens of hours in the paint alone. And then there are some examples where the owner's fanaticism is bigger than their paint budget. So we've found some of the best around, and some that are maybe not quite as good but we still get a kick out of them. And if your team isn't on the list, then I encourage you and your fellow fans to make better team cars. Or worse ones. Your choice.

This one's my favourite. Not because it's the best one, but because of what it is. It's supposedly the car of three-time Pro Bowl linebacker Shawne Merriman, who played for the San Diego (now LA) Chargers in 2005 when the photo was taken. That makes it a San Diego Charger's San Diego Chargers San Diego Charger.

The Chargers Charger isn't the only strangely poetic car on the list. Turns out that an order of about 214 orange and white Ford Broncos was completed, but then no longer needed back in 1975. An inspired Ford dealer in Colorado bought the whole batch, sprayed some grabber blue paint on the roof and the Denver Bronco's Bronco was born. They still pop up for sale on occasion if you want to be the biggest Bronco fan on your block.

This next one is the fastest car on the list. Back in 2012, the Super Bowl was in Indianapolis. To try and pull some football fans to the Brickyard, IndyCar made a fleet of NFL Super Cars, including this Chicago Bears race car.

That last one is a little too professional, so it's time to look at some more fan-cars. Green Bay fans are serious about their Packers. So much so that there were almost too many to choose from. The Green Bay Packard was too nice and too obvious, so here's the smallest cheese-head car you may ever see. That big block of American Cheese probably isn't doing the 70 hp of the Smart Fortwo any favours.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here's the biggest Packers vehicle you'll see. it's a full-on class 8 Kenworth big rig. I'm guessing there's a TV in there that makes sure to catch every game.

While we're in the midwest, here's a Minnesota Vikings Colt. Or maybe it's a Plymouth Champ. Either way, this 1983 or '84 model gets a big bucket of purple paint and some big yellow goal poasts on the hood.

Some people paint their cars, but some design a whole new car for their favourite team. Like this customer car that looks like it's part 1980s (C4) Corvette, part Ferrari Testarossa-inspired, all crazy Saintsmobile. If that's a kit that was sold, or you know any more about it, feel free to chime in in the comments.

The Dallas Cowboys boast so many fans and gearheads that they have their own car club. That's right, the club has meetings and shows all across Texas. This Honda Accord has to be one of the most outrageous. It's covered in murals, has a full blue and white interior, and looks like it has every bit in the show-car catalog added on. I particularly like the neon brake rotor highlights.

Not all of the entries are cars. If you're going to travel the country following your favourite team, then how better to do it than an RV? Now sure, you could just quickly spray on the logo of the team you're cheering for like this Baltimore Ravens fan.

But that's not enough for some people. No, if you're going to play in the big leagues then you need to turn your RV into a New England Patriots helmet. Or at least I think that's what that red drain pipe is supposed to look like.

Bigger fans need bigger trucks, so if you want to show you're the biggest Atlanta Falcons fan then this monster truck is what you're looking for. You just might have a hard time using that tailgate for...you know...tailgating.

Speaking of tailgating, here are some rigs custom-built for that job. After all, hauling your grille in and out of the back of a pickup is less than ideal. So better solutions are needed, and a handful of fans have designed and converted old ambulances into tailgating machines. TV's, grilles, bathrooms, it's a match made in parking lot heaven.

Here's one of the best... or at least the tastiest. The Big Bluebulance, built by New York Giants fans, "tactical tailgate unit" holds grilles, flat screens, tents, and serves up hot dogs, burgers, and even ribs.

Sometimes, though, an ambulance is just too small. That's when you bring out an old school bus. But that's not enough. This Cleveland Browns bus gets a giant fibreglass helmet, along with some bear teeth on the hood. There's special bear fur paint and a satellite dish on the roof.

Ambulances aren't the only emergency vehicles getting turned into sweet fan rides. Check out this fire truck that Indianapolis Colts fans have turned into a head turner for parades and shows. It even has a blue and white dalmatian on board.

Some fans really go all-out with their cars. This San Francisco 49'ers fan didn't just add team colours, he actually wrapped this Mini in gold.

Or check out this Miami Dolphins Pontiac Ventura. Not only is it in Dolphins colours outside, this tribute to their 1972 perfect season has an interior that matches in bright orange and aqua.

1972 Pontiac Ventura 1972 Pontiac Ventura

This classic Ford C-cab delivery van is looking pretty sharp in Tennessee Titans graphics, with a big V8 where the hood normally goes.

But if you don't go all-out, that's ok too. Check out this Cincinnati Bengals Impala. Business in the middle, fanatic on the hood and trunk.

New car dealers get in on the action to try and get fans to come in and buy. This Detroit area 2017 Ford Mustang is kind of a tame tribute to the Lions.

But this Buffalo area Toyota dealer shows how it's really done with a fully vinyl wrapped Tundra. Although the Bills' seven and nine record suggests that they didn't really follow Toyota's "let's go places" slogan this year.

There are some really big Seattle Seahawks fans in Alaska, but rather than paint their car, they've actually painted a Snowcat instead. You can show the polar bears who you're cheering for in this one.

Sundays are for watching football, but what if you have to mow the lawn that day? Then take your Washington Redskins lawn tractor for a spin around your own turf like this fan.

Maybe you're playing a round of golf instead? Take it easy on the links in this golf cart that's been turned into a Philadelphia Eagles helmet? I wonder if that face guard offers any rollover protection?

And now for the last one. Because I love the Bronco's Bronco and the Charger's Charger so much, here's a real New York Jet. An Airbus A320 to be more precise, all decked out in New York Jets colours.