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Volkswagen Canada Reaches Deal with Drivers in Dieselgate Suit

A class action lawsuit against Volkswagen Canada has resulted in a deal to compensate owners of cars affected by VW's diesel emissions scandal. According to the Globe and Mail, the deal could see owners receiving up to $8,000 in compensation.

The scandal broke in September of 2015 when independent tests showed that diesel Volkswagens knew when they were being tested, and altered their performance accordingly. Since then it's been many months of uncertainty for owners of the cars. Tired of waiting for VW to act with an acceptable fix or compensation, especially after most US owners got word of their settlement six months ago, two class action suits had been filed in Canada. Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche diesel models are affected by the scandal and this decision.

The settlement, which still requires final approval by Ontario and Quebec courts will let owners sell their cars back to VW, trade them in, or have them repaired. In addition to the trade-in values, owners will see payments ranging from $5,100 to $8,000. A timeline for the process has not yet been revealed.

This is good news for Volkswagen owners, many of whom have been nervously awaiting this ruling for some time. We'll bring you the full details as they become available, including a conclusion to our Dieselgate from the Driver's Seat series.