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Lamborghini Chops the Top off of the Huracán LP-580-2

The Lamborghini Huracán LP-580-2 is the driver's car of the Huracán lineup. The rear-wheel drive model trades a little bit of power for a little bit less weight and a little bit less on the sticker. The biggest issue with the car is that there's a pesky metal roof keeping some of that V10 howl from reaching your ears. Fortunately, Lamborghini has just released the fix. The LP-580-2 Spyder.

The Spyder swaps the metal and glass of the coupe for a fabric roof that can stow away in just 17 seconds, at speeds of 50 km/h. Fortunately, with a 5.2L V10 producing 580 hp, you won't have to stay slowed down for long. And once the roof is down, all of the glorious noise can reach your happy eardrums. If it's a little too cold or damp, the rear window can retract independently from the rest of the roof, and will let the noise in while keeping the weather out.

Lamborghini claims that a series of ducts, wind deflectors, and fins reduce wind noise to the point where conversation is possible at high speed. But probably not at the claimed 319 km/h top speed of the Spyder.

The carbon and aluminum chassis has had the suspension retuned for rear-wheel drive and the change in weight distribution from the new roof. The power steering has been optimized as well. All of that means that this should be an excellent way to go fast and sideways with the wind in your hair.

Expect the Huracán LP-580-2 Spyder at dealers beginning in January 2017.