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Ford Recalls Mustang GT 350 Models for Oil Cooler Flaw

Ford has recalled what we figure must be every one of the Mustang GT 350/350R models it has sold in Canada to fix an oil cooler than could spring a leak.

The GT 350 is the sole Mustang trim to use a high-revving 5.2L V8 that the kids would call "all motor:" it generates its 526 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque without the help of turbo- or supercharging.

You don't make that kind of power without generating a lot of heat, so the engine has an oil cooler to help keep temperatures in check and maintain the oil's viscosity. Unfortunately, one of the hoses that connects the cooler to the engine may not have been crimped properly, which would allow the hose to detach and dump oil out all over the place. For sure, that will destroy the engine if the driver doesn't detect the leak in time and shut the car off; and potentially, some of the oil will contact hot engine parts and catch fire.

Such a failure is suspected in the case of one GT 350 owner who was driving his car at a racetrack in Georgia, when the yellow sports car suddenly turned into a fireball. Thankfully, the owner was not hurt; the same cannot be said for the car, which Ford replaced, probably because it discovered the fire was the result of its own manufacturing defect.

Ford is asking its dealers to replace the faulty oil cooler tube assembly.