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Next-Gen Nissan Micra Debuts in Paris

An all-new, less cute, more aggressive, and larger Nissan Micra was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday.

The latest version of the Micra will be available for Europe in six months, and we can expect it to come to Canada not long after.

With a dramatic styling revision, the Micra has also grown in size. This might disappoint lovers of the cute, diminutive little fun machine in Canada, but might also open it up to the USA where the Micra is not currently sold.

An all-new 360-degree Bose stereo system featuring headrest and A-pillar speakers was also announced for the Micra alongside Apple Carplay - Android Auto wasn't mentioned but will likely be available.

The Micra will be available with the full suite of semi-autonomous driving aids including lane-departure prevention, blind-spot detection and emergency braking with pedestrian detection. It will also be available with Active Ride Control and Active Trace Control, Nissan's electronic handling aids.

The Euro-spec Qashqai will be available with ProPilot autonomous driving features from 2017, and the company expects 10 of its models to be equipped with this technology by 2020. Expect the Micra to be among them.