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Mercedes-AMG Gives a Tease of Their Newest Hypercar

Mercedes-AMG has confirmed that they are working on a full-fledged AMG performance hybrid hypercar. The new car was shown in silhouette during the reveal of the AMG GT roadster at the Paris Motor Show, with Prof. Thomas Weber, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars development, calling it "the most performing and most spectacular AMG of all time."

It will have "extremely intelligent and efficient drivetrain technology", and "no compromises". But what does that mean? The car appears to be pitched as a competitor to the Aston Martin and Red Bull AM-RB 001 hypercar collaboration. Weber stated that the car is to have their F1 drivetrain technology, which is a good way to achieve the 1 hp per kg that this type of car needs.

Reports from CAR magazine suggest that the car, dubbed internally as the R50, should approach 1,300 hp with construction being a carbon fibre monocoque. They suggest gullwing doors to maximize the pull to the Mercedes heritage of the SLS and the original 300 SL. Expect an electric motor at the front to deliver all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, active aerodynamics, and a look that would not seem out of place on an LMP grid.

There is no expected on-sale date for the hypercar, or even an official photo, but 2017 is AMG's 50th anniversary. That suggests that a launch at the Frankfurt show would be a logical choice.