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Fuel Pumps, Power Windows Prompt Ford Recalls

Ford is sending recall notices to about 13,000 Canadian customers to fix faults in its Escape, Flex, Taurus, Transit and Lincoln MKS and MKT models.

One recall affects the recently-redesigned 2017 Ford Escape compact crossover, whose power windows may "exceed the requirements for remote actuation closing force," and contravene the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS). In simpler terms, the power window anti-pinch function may have been improperly calibrated and could injure fingers, hands or other appendages that get in the way of the windows' closing.

The fix sounds like a Microsoft joke: Ford is instructing its dealer technicians to update the power windows' operating software in 5,157 affected vehicles.

The first of two fuel pump-related recalls affects more than 7,300 vehicles sold as 2013, 2014 and 2015 models and includes the Flex and Lincoln MKT mid-size crossovers, and Taurus and Lincoln MKS full-size sedans.

Here, the fuel pump's electrics could be damaged by high electrical current, and may cause the pump to fail. That would lead to engine stalling and an obvious and sudden lack of forward progress that could cause a crash. Here, Ford's techs will inspect the pump's electrical module and replace it if necessary. Transport Canada notes that failed pump electrics would trigger the 'check engine' light, but it's not clear whether the driver would have any advance warning of pump failure.

And finally, 457 Ford Transit vans with the 3.2L diesel engine sold as 2015 and 2016 models may have faulty high-pressure fuel pumps that could exhibit excessive wear and deposit metal particles in the fuel system. Those particles could clog fuel injectors and control valve and stall the engine or prevent it from starting. Transport Canada is more concerned about the possibility of stalls and crashes that could result.

Ford dealers will replace the fuel pumps and inspect the fuel system for metal particles. If they find evidence of contamination, they'll also flush the fuel system and replace the fuel filter and injectors.