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Subaru Reportedly Building Electric Crossover

According to reports from a Japanese newspaper, Subaru is planning to release an electric crossover in North America. Intended to help the automaker meet ever-tightening emissions regulations, the new model is expected to be a mid-size model and ride on Subaru's new global platform.

The same platform that underpins the new Impreza will also see duty under the next Forester and Outback, and one of those would be likely to be the basis for the EV CUV. Masato Saito, spokesman for Subaru's parent Fuji Heavy Industries, stated that if they introduced this project it would likely use the new global platform and target the North American market.

Subaru's average fuel economy is already hampered by their entire line having heavier all-wheel drive, and by their most popular models being crossovers. Electric vehicles can heavily impact the average, and some states are planning to introduce mandatory zero-emission vehicles beginning in 2018, so launching an EV in the U.S. is more an issue of compliance for the brand rather than customer demand.