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Mitsubishi Recalls Faulty Lancer Airbag Sensors

Mitsubishi is asking the owners of more than 66,000 Lancer sedans and hatchbacks to bring their cars to the brand's dealerships for an inspection of the front airbag sensor.

The automaker and Transport Canada discovered that in wintry climates, water and road salt may seep in between the sensor and a bracket that attaches it to the vehicle. As that moisture freezes and thaws, it can crack the sensor housing, allowing moisture inside and causing a short circuit in its electronics that could affect its performance. Transport Canada says that may lead to "delayed deployment" of the driver and front passenger airbags in a collision.

Mitsubishi is instructing its dealers to inspect the frontal impact sensor in Lancer, Lancer Evolution and Sportback models sold between 2008 and 2015 and replace it where necessary, along with installing a redesigned bracket and cover.