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Structural Corrosion Prompts Mitsubishi Recall

Mitsubishi Motors has recalled more than 64,000 vehicles to inspect structural components that could fail due to corrosion.

In Mitsubishi Lancer sedans sold between 2003 and 2006 and Outlander crossovers retailed as 2003 through 2013 models, corrosion caused by road salt can weaken the front suspension crossmember and cause the front suspension control arms to separate from the car.

Mitsubishi is instructing its dealers to inspect the affected cars and either replace the suspension crossmember or, on cars whose structure is still sound, apply an anti-corrosion treatment to prevent future rust.

For as long as auto manufacturers have been building cars for Canadian roads, corrosion-based suspension recalls are still surprisingly common: Kia recently recalled its Sedona minivan for rusty control arms, and Hyundai its Elantra, Sonata and Santa Fe for front springs that could fail due to corrosion.