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Ford Recalls Focus Electric, F-150, Explorer and Transit Connect Models

Ford has recalled a total of 1,268 vehicles in Canada to repair a variety of safety-related defects in four different models.

First up is an "inadequate" weld on the driver's seat-back in 1,199 F-150 and Explorer models sold in Canada during the 2016 model year. Ford says vehicles with this defect "may not adequately restrain an occupant in a crash," and is asking its dealers to inspect the seats and, if necessary, replace the driver's seat backrest frame.

The next recall affects Ford Focus Electric models sold in 2015 and 2016. Here, the drivetrain's differential pinion shaft may wear out and fracture. A shaft that breaks while the car is being driven would leave the driver without power, and if it happens while parked, the transmission's park function would fail -- both situations in which it's easy to imagine an unfortunate result. Ford says the 66 affected cars in Canada will get a new differential assembly with a friction-reducing coating on the differential pinion shaft and pinion gear bores.

Finally, three Transit Connect vans in Canada (of 608 total in North America) have faulty brake hydraulic control units that may not perform to specification and reduce the effectiveness of the stability control, anti-lock, trailer sway control and other safety systems in the vehicle. Ford dealers will replace the bad control units in the vans, which were sold as 2016 models.