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Cadillac CT6 Keeps an Eye on Things for You

Cadillac is trying to keep their ongoing return to luxury legitimacy going, and are using lots of tech features and sharp styling to do it. The all-new CT6 is longer and wider than the XTS it replaces; it's even got rear-wheel drive for better handling (and because it's what the Germans do) and extensive use of aluminium for light weight. The full size Caddy is bringing some other interesting features to the table and one of them is a new surveillance system.

Standard on all CT6 sedans equipped with surround-view, Cadillac is using the cameras for the parking monitors to do dual-duty as dashcams. The system uses four of the seven exterior cameras, one in each mirror, one in the grille, and one on the trunklid, to record the vehicle in operation. Similar to the Corvette's system, it can be used to record what Cadillac calls "a memorable drive". It does not, however, provide speed and g-force overlays like the 'Vette. It won't record the valet's face or voice either. All footage is stored on an SD card located in the trunk.

The other feature of the system, and this one is really unique, is that the system can work when the car is turned off. That's right, it'll work as a security system. If the car detects that it has been "disturbed" it will automatically start recording and alternating through all four cameras. Pretty handy in case of vandalism or a hit and run. Not so handy if it gets stolen. Unless it's recovered with the card intact, then it'll be really handy for local law enforcement. The Cadillac CT6 is on sale now.