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BMW Recalls X5 and X6 Models for Faulty Drive Shafts

BMW Canada is asking the owners of more than 3,300 X5 and X6 crossovers sold as 2011 models to bring their vehicles to a dealership so technicians can replace faulty front drive shafts.

Transport Canada's recall notice says the drive shaft that delivers power to the front wheels may have defective seals around the universal joints (or U-joints) that allow the shaft to flex to accommodate small movements of the transmission and front differential. A bad seal can allow water and dirt to contaminate the joint, accelerating wear and possibly causing it to break. If that happens, the drive shaft will fall off of the vehicle, rendering it undriveable.

A failing joint will likely show signs of impending failure through a vibration that will be felt throughout the car as it is driven. If the shaft breaks while the vehicle is being driven, it could damage other parts of the car and cause an accident as other drivers try to avoid hitting the debris. Here's what a failed BMW X5 U-joint looks like.