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Toronto Dashcam Catches Near rollover

Truck driver Tim Gordon caught some startling footage of a collision and near rollover on May 5th, in a video that should remind you to always be aware that anything can happen on the highway. Traveling northbound on May 5th on highway 27, just north of the 401 in Toronto, Gordon captured the puzzling actions of a Ford Explorer sideswiping a Chevy Cruze, causing the Cruze to spin and roll.

At about 35 seconds in, the driver of the grey Explorer decided that it was a good time to make a sudden illegal U-turn from the right hand lane and slams in to the passenger side of the Cruze, sending it spinning across the highway and onto its roof before finally landing on its wheels. Fortunately, according to Gordon's blog,, the driver suffered only minor injuries, but it certainly could easily have been worse. The driver of the Cruze appeared to try and steer around the Explorer, but ran out of time and space. Here at the autoTRADER offices, we debated the best way the Cruze driver could have avoided the collision, but there's really no good way other than the Explorer driver exercising due care and attention. So stay safe out there, and watch out for those who aren't. And maybe look at getting a dashcam of your own, in case of drivers like this.