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Tesla and Radio Flyer Unveil Model S for Kids

While we haven't yet seen the debut of the entry level Tesla Model 3, Tesla has recently launched an even smaller model aimed at the first time driver. Designed in conjunction with Radio Flyer, this is a Model S for kids. At just 115 centimetres long and 71 centimetres wide, the Model S for Kids is sized right for the sidewalk.

It lacks features from the full size car like all-wheel drive, Ludicrous mode, a touchscreen, and self-driving ability, but it does come with features like working headlights, forward and reverse gears, and a front trunk that will hold an afternoon's luggage. There is also a working sound system. The Model S for Kids can also be set for a top speed of five or 10 km/h.

The Model S for Kids also has a 130 Watt-hour lithium battery (190-Wh available) and can charge in three hours or even swap for a fresh battery. A number of accessories including personalized licence plates and parking signs are available, as are car covers, a choice of wheels and three paint colours taken from Tesla's colour palette.

The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids is available now for pre-order with deliveries expected in May. The price is set at $399 USD, but this is not the cheapest Tesla you can buy. That honour goes to the Hot Wheels Tesla.