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By The Emotions: Lamborghini Huracan LP-610

The Lamborghini Huracan LP-610. The Huracan. Lamborghini. Lamborghiiiiini.

You can find the numbers anywhere. From Lamborghini’s own site to every magazine to any automotive wallpaper site worth its bytes, you can find the horsepower and acceleration and Vmax. But just say the word Lamborghini and it trigger all sorts of responses and emotions – perhaps different in every person, but powerful ones as only few automotive brands can elicit.

So forget about the numbers, here are the feelings that the Huracan brought forth when I was given the rare privilege to immerse myself in the driving and brand experience for a weekend. Some few lucky owners will get to go through this and then settle into the reality of it, but for most of us, we experience these emotions from the sidelines or as part of a temporary escape via luxury car rental and track experiences, opportunities we highly recommend to live out those childhood and adolescent fantasies.