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Used Vehicle Review: Infiniti EX/QX50, 2008-2014

Vehicle Type

Luxury Crossover


Infiniti’s five-seat entry luxury crossover offered up expanded cargo space and capability over a standard sedan or wagon model—giving it a flexible and highly-adaptable edge loved by shoppers. Built on the same FM architecture found beneath the G Sedan and FX Crossover, the EX offered up a low load-floor, easy step in and standard AWD on Canadian models. Compared to a luxury car or wagon, this crossover featured improved traction and ground clearance to help drivers tackle more challenging conditions.

A comfortable ride and all-around feeling of quality round out the owner-stated positives.

All models got a split-folding rear seat to help accommodate virtually any combination of passengers and gear, with cargo capacity rated at 527L. Plenty for a weekend’s worth of shopping, supplies for that home renovation or landscaping project, or a pair of golden retrievers.

Feature content included BOSE audio, push-button start with intelligent key, navigation, Bluetooth, heated memory seats, xenon lighting, automatic climate control and plenty more.

Advanced safety features were also on board, including Lane Departure Prevention, and the around-view 360-degree parking camera system. This now-popular technology made its world premiere right here on the Infiniti EX.

Note that Infiniti’s name-change shake-up saw the EX renamed to QX50 from 2014 and on.


Look for the Infiniti EX available initially with a 3.5L V6 engine making about 300 horsepower, and from 2013 and on, a 3.7L unit, topping out at 325. Both powerplants were members of the award-winning VQ engine family, and are noted for high-revving power output, smoothness, refinement, and reliability. Automatic transmissions were standard on all models.

What Owners Like

Owners typically enjoy a compelling blend of luxury, comfort, value and a sturdy, planted driving feel. A feeling of safety and confidence in all conditions, including winter driving, is frequently noted. An easy-to-use navigation system and fun-to drive performance are commonly mentioned. A comfortable ride and all-around feeling of quality round out the owner-stated positives.

What Owners Dislike

Complaints tend to be minimal, with some owners wishing for more generous rear-seat space, better mileage, and more cargo room.

Here are some owner reviews.

Common Issues

Largely, the Infiniti EX seems to be free of large and systematic problems, though owners have reported several issues that shoppers should be aware of before heading out on a test drive.
Start with a full check of all on-board electronics, then focus on the stereo system, confirming that all speakers work properly, and that the subwoofer isn’t cutting in and out. Some owners of the EX say the BOSE subwoofer calls it quits earlier than expected. Be sure to check all door locks, several times, too. Door locks that fail to operate, operate slowly, or make excessive noises, could be suffering from actuators that are failing, and will require replacement.

Some owners have reported premature wear or even ripping and tearing of the leather seats, and in particular the driver’s seat, on Infiniti crossover models, including the EX. Though this issue seems inconclusive, it’s worth noting so that test drivers can check the seat for signs of ripping or damage. Here’s some reading. Note that any installed seat covers should be removed for inspection of the seat beneath as part of your test drive.

Scrutinize the dashboard top for signs of bubbling or cracking, which could be the result of a fairly common manufacturing defect, but note that many owners have had this issue addressed under warranty.

When starting the engine, listen closely for a groaning or vibrating/humming sound, which could indicate a bad fuel pump. Eventually, this part could fail, which would prevent your new-to-you EX from starting, or causing it to die on the side of the road. This problem may also cause the EX to be difficult to start. Note that Infiniti recognized the fuel pump issue and issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to fix the problem. With your used EX candidate’s VIN number, an Infiniti dealer can see if the model you’re considering was affected.

Note that some owners have also reported unusual battery drain issues, which, strangely, might be caused by leaving your iPod plugged into the vehicle’s stereo system while it’s off. Another culprit might be a bad batch of factory batteries. As a precaution, be sure the battery and charging system in the EX you’re considering is healthy with a pre-purchase inspection at an Infiniti dealer.

On earlier models with the 3.5L engine, check the valve covers for signs of bad gaskets which could leak engine oil into the spark-plug tubes, causing problems. Pull the spark plug igniter and coil-pack assembly out of the valve covers and ensure they aren’t covered in oil, and that oil isn’t pooling around the plug in the bottom of the tube. If you’re not mechanically inclined, ask a mechanic to take a look for you.

The Verdict

The most commonly-reported issues with the Infiniti EX seem to be easily diagnosed and fairly minor, and your writer found no serious engine or powertrain problems noted frequently enough to cause any alarm. With a pre-purchase inspection of any model you’re considering showing no hidden issues, this is a luxury crossover that can be bought confidently.

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