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Mad Max Video Game is Intense

The hype around Mad Max: Fury Road is building fast. And it's not just movie buffs who are being treated to a new slice of the Mad Max universe. A new video game, simply titled Mad Max, is set to introduce players to a standalone storyline involving "Mad" Max Rockatansky.

Developer Avalanche, known for its open-world Just Cause franchise, has perfectly captured the dusty post-apocalyptic wasteland from the movies. But this ain't no movie tie-in cash-grab – rather than doggedly following the events of the film series, the game offers an original plot, and perhaps more importantly, the opportunity for players to craft their own signature Mad Max vehicle, dubbed the "Magnum Opus". The Garage micro-site currently displays three vehicles which form the basis of the player's Magnum Opus: Shovelface, the Furnace, and the Ripper, which car buffs might recognize as a Mustang, Corvette, and (we're guessing here) Fairlane. Early reports suggest that, in addition to the Magnum Opus, there will be over 50 unique drivable vehicles taken from the film series.

Unfettered by the constraints of last-gen consoles, the gritty, ramshackle environment is rendered in loving detail, with wide-open vistas wherever you turn. Of course, this is Mad Max, not Sunday Drive Simulator, so the gorgeous landscape mainly serves as the backdrop of spectacular scenes of vehicular mayhem and close-quarters combat. As players progress through the game, they'll collect parts and scraps to upgrade their ride, craft new weapons, and trade with other inhabitants of the barren desert. Their actions will affect not only their own equipment and abilities, but also the world around them.

This trailer from publisher Warner Bros. shows the game in glorious, fiery action. Note that "Fuel Efficiency" doesn't show up as a vehicle stat. Is it too early to be thinking about April Fools' DLC? Because I for one would love to see a Mad Max interpretation of a Toyota Prius.

The game will be released on September 1, 2015 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Linux (SteamOS).