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Cars of Mad Max: Fury Road Identified

By Benjamin Hunting (with Aussie car-spotting expertise courtesy of Jacob Black)

When the apocalypse comes calling, will you be able to find parts to keep your rag-tag fleet of terror machines plying across the sun-drenched deserts of the world? It'll certainly help if you're able to identify exactly what make and model is lurking under all of the spikes, flamethrowers, and cannons strapped to the heavily modified sheet metal of whatever vehicle you're trying to locate a radiator hose for.

We decided to lend a helping hand to the skull-faced despots of the future with this handy guide to the cars of the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie. Check out the eclectic mix of Australian, European, and American cars that made the final cut in the film's trailer, and get our analysis of whether these particular rides represent either inspired or tired choices for your army of doom.