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Colours of the LA Auto Show

You could be forgiven for thinking that 50 Shades of Grey was written about a visit to the local auto mall. Talk about your masochism – justified by reasons of resale, ease of maintenance, or just plain lack of choice, the automotive world has gone all monochromatic. Black, white, or some version of soulless grey, that's all we get.

But in the glittering City of Angels, a technicolour hope arises. Here, where the silver screen first burst into a riot of colour, a rainbow renaissance appears to be in the works – the sheet metal at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show isn't greyscale, it's brought to you by Skittles.

Frankly, it's heartening, a return to the days when you could personalize your car just by the colour it wore. Here they are, the best colours of the LA Auto Show. Taste the rainbow.