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#TechnologyAndStuff: GM Converts Clumsy Bunt Into Grand Slam After World Series Final

General Motors is finally learning to embrace the moment

There are but a few brief moments in a company's history where it can easily define itself. Those moments require a decision to be made -- does it embrace what just happened or ignore it completely?

Last week, after the final game of the Major League Baseball World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals, was one of those defining moments for GM.

Chevrolet, represented by regional representative Rikk Wilde, presented Giant's pitcher Madison Bumgarner with the World Series MVP award and a brand-new Chevrolet Colorado. But, it was during this presentation where Wilde completely stole the show from Bumgarner.

Wilde, clearly under pressure while in front of a national audience, was fumbling the presentation so bad that you can see him repeatedly check out his index cards for cues on what to say next.

At Chevrolet, we have, um — we have also been proud of the latest and greatest, uh, technology in our truck lineup, which is the all-new 2015, uh, Chevy Colorado. Um, it combines class-winning and -leading, um, you know, technology and stuff, with, uh, Wi-Fi powered by OnStar, sitting there on the screen.

Within the hour, #ChevyGuy and #TechnologyAndStuff was born. And instead of firing Wilde, General Motors co-opted the tagline, even putting the latter hashtag on their website for the Colorado (headline image).

In the days since the near meltdown of Rikk Wilde and GM's crisis intervention folks turning the negatively-viewed presentation into a win for the automaker, the marketing folks for the Chevrolet Colorado have rolled out the #TechnologyAndStuff banner on track in Texas.

Good work, GM. You should put this guy in front of the camera more often.