Memory Lane: 2013 Ford Mustang Road Trips

To some folks, a road trip is a long, slow exercise in tedium; nothing more than necessity in travelling between point A and B. To others, like your humble scribe, they are so much more than that.

A road trip can (and should) represent a break from daily life; a change of pace, change of scenery and even a change of character if you want. Choosing the road less travelled can be the difference between mind-numbing freeway and the experience of a lifetime.

And the car? The more character the better, even if that means some sacrifices for personal comfort – yours or your wallet’s. I’ve been fortunate enough to choose some unlikely road trip chariots that helped make great road trips truly unforgettable. In this series, we recount some our favourite trips in each of Detroit’s iconic muscle machines. What better way to start than America’s most popular and enduring pony car, doubling down on the Ford Mustang GT and special edition Ford Mustang Boss.