Spring is coming fast and that means it’s time to get the cottage ready for those anticipated weekend getaways.

It’s a tough job, but between you and your Tacoma TRD PRO, you’re more than equipped to handle it.

Clearing brush, getting firewood, and countless other tasks are ahead, but if you have smart and tough gear it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Step One: Bring your tools

Depending on the state of the cottage itself, you’ll either have quite a bit or very little to bring along, but regardless of your load, the Tacoma TRD PRO is there to help.

Sure, this likely isn’t your first rodeo, and stockpiling the necessary tools into the back of a truck is nothing new. That said, the movable Tie Down Cleats found on either side of the truck bed makes strapping your gear down that much easier.

If you’re loading in chainsaws and mowers or other tools of all shapes and sizes, there’s something to be said for keeping things secure, especially when the road to cottage country can be tumultuous at the best of times. Even if your tools do bang around a bit back there, the ultra-durable truck bed lining protects all involved.

Step Two: Conquer the cottage country

With Toyota’s Multi-terrain Select system, you’ll stay nice and comfortable during the drive in your Tacoma TRD Pro - no matter how bumpy the road gets.

On the inside, a roomy leather-clad passenger cabin is fitted with a 7-inch touchscreen display with navigation and available satellite radio, USB ports, and heated seats.

On the outside, 9.4 inches of ground clearance and chunky all-terrain tires will keep you planted and out of trouble if you’re venturing off the beaten path.

Step Three: Getting down to business

Once you’re on site and your equipment is unpacked, that doesn’t mean the TRD PRO is finished working.

Aside from the obvious capabilities when hauling things around, your truck bed can easily double as your workbench, among other things.

Forget about the extension cords and power your electric tools with the 120V outlet in the truck bed.

Step Four: The Heavy Lifting

If you’re running a wood-burning fireplace, odds are there’s some chopping in your future. Sure, you could just order in a cord of wood or two, but there’s bound to be a tree or two that either hit the ground over the winter or that’s looking a little rough around the edges and needs to be taken down--why let it go to waste?

Even if only for a short distance, this is where the Tacoma TRD PRO is once again called into action, as it’s 5-foot bed can hold and haul all your firewood.

You’ve hacked, chopped, loaded, stacked--it’s time for a breather. After all, the real hard part is done.

Step Five: Take a moment

From the back corner of the property, the TRD PRO is as comfortable as an armchair, and after hard work, there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself.

Grab yourself a coffee, maybe throw on the radio or your favorite podcast, and take a moment to sit back and take it all in.

Before long the weather will warm up a touch more, and you’ll be back out here enjoying proper rest and relaxation with friends and loved ones.

For now, all this calm and solitude isn’t a bad scene.