To showcase the extensive features & applications of the new 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro, AutoTrader & Toyota have teamed up to deliver a number of real-life scenarios that an owner might encounter.

Over the next few weeks our team will cover off everything from winter camping, building your own mobile comfort station to perfectly capturing your off roading adventures.

Throughout our partnership with autoTRADER we will show you how the 2019 Tacoma TRD PRO delivers both power and versatility to maximize performance, but also how it shares a special bond with its owners to ensure their everyday needs are met.

Step One: Loading Out

When it comes to camping there are two distinct schools of thought.

On the one hand there’s the more conventional (and less adventurous) accessible campsites located across the country, loaded with the usual niceties--power, running water, public bathrooms, and even hot showers. They’re easy to get to and comfortable if you just feel like a lazy weekend, but as you’ll no doubt agree, this isn’t really camping in the purest sense.

Real camping is a bonding of humanity and nature, an adventure into real wilderness, and plain old roughing it. You’ve got to be tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about it.

Step Two: Hitting the Open Road

Jumping into the 2019 Tacoma TRD PRO for your next camping excursion opens up countless doors otherwise inaccessible to those at the wheel of your average car or crossover.

23.8 centimetres (9.4 inches) of ground clearance, Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) with a Locking Rear Differential and 4 Wheel Crawl Control & Multi-terrain Select, Fox Shocks, a Desert Air Intake, and a host of other features make the TRD PRO one of the most capable trucks in its class.

With equipment like that, your only limitations are your schedule, your imagination, the width of the trail ahead, and the depth of the river that cuts through it.

Step Three: Getting to your Destination

Loading up for this kind of adventure requires a few more supplies than just the tent, sleeping bag, and cooler of food you would pack to a conventional campsite.

Above all else, shovel to level your site, an axe to chop wood and clear excess brush, a moderate length of rope, and at least one if not several waterproof tarps to provide emergency shelter if needed are a good jumping off point. These basic supplies, alongside your tent and stock of food and beverage, can easily be stowed and secured in the Tacoma’s 5-foot cargo box via its built-in cargo tie-downs.

They will also be kept clear of the elements once its weatherproof tonneau cover is secured in place. As an added precaution--and one that’s easy to accommodate given the free space of the truck bed--packing in a modest volume of dry firewood and kindling would also serve you well if access to dry wood at your destination isn’t a guarantee.

Step Four: Taking Action

*Tent installation was in accordance with tent manufacturer instructions.

For starters, the simple and effective addition of 120V (400 watt) power outlet in the truck bed opens up access to a good number of resources otherwise only available in more pedestrian camping situations. Whether plugging in an audio player or brewing morning coffee, the TRD PRO is more than up for the task.

Once night falls, additional lighting in the truck bed will give you a clear line of sights on your supplies, and most importantly the aforementioned locking tonneau cover will add another layer of convenience to the trip. Rather than having to hoist your food into the trees away from the site, simply locking them away in the truck bed will provide the required security needed to keep away any nocturnal creatures looking to graze on your adventure rations.

Step Five: Enjoy the Moment

Prior to the trek back to civilization the TRD PRO can easily become a brace point for your sunshade or rain cover (cue the tarps), provide a wireless charging pad for your smartphones, and even record some of your gang’s camping shenanigans on its built-in 1080P dash cam setup.

Whichever of its platoon of adventure-ready features you leverage one thing is for certain; you’re ready for anything*.

*Please enjoy the outdoors safely and use good judgement when engaging in outdoor activities. Toyota assumes no liability for the practices described in this guide.