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Awarded the Best Canadian Mid-Size Premium Utility Vehicle of The Year by AJAC.


Comfort that transforms stop-and-go traffic to a time of peaceful retreat

PROPilot system reduces the stress of the daily grind

Distinctive styling that will steal glances from co-workers, turn heads on your street

Power on demand to confidently navigate highways

Smart engine automatically changes modes for fuel or power

Concert Hall-quality sound system that turns your drive into an aural experience

Steering system that eliminates uncomfortable road feedback

Adaptable cargo space that expands and contracts to your road trip needs

Zero engine lag, so you’re never left in a lurch when climbing steep hills or navigating muddy situations

Bold Design For Bold Living

BEAUTIFUL FORM AND FUNCTION Don’t let go of those bags! Gone are the days of gently lowering your groceries to the (far from clean) asphalt, struggling to find your keys to open the hatch, and then bending over to pick up your bags. Simply wave your leg under the back bumper and the tailgate will automatically open. Voila!


Rear Seat Legroom

The QX50 means no more “sorry” and “tight squeeze, short trip” apologies to backseat occupants. You can say “yes!” with confidence when colleagues want to join for lunch or friends ask for an airport pickup. The second row slides and reclines, making room for everyone.

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Room For
Your Lifestyle


Room For Your Lifestyle

There’s no need to think twice—there’s room for the whole family, and all the gear they come with. Growing family and need space for baby seats, a pack ‘n play and more? There’s room. Just the two of you on a long road trip? Yes, you can throw four suitcases in the back with room to spare.

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  • ProPILOT Assist

    The INFINITI QX50 incorporates ProPILOT Assist, a suite of technologies that reduce the stress of the road. It will keep you within your lane and maintains a specified distance from the vehicle ahead. ProPILOT Assist doesn’t take over driving duties, rather it enhances your abilities. Now that’s an empowered drive.

  • Intelligent Cruise Control

    No longer plan your day around the traffic. Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control sets the QX50 to follow the flow of traffic at a safe speed, automatically adjusting as needed—and will even bring you to a full stop if it gets that gnarly. The mental stress from the traffic game of Gas, Brake, Stop and Repeat is eliminated. You’re welcome.

  • VC-Turbo Engine

    The 2019 INFINITI QX50 boasts the world’s first production-ready VC-Turbo engine. This revolutionary engineering feat allows the QX50 to operate as if it has two engines in one. When pushed, the engine shifts to utilize the available 268 horsepower. This propels you safely onto highways and gives you all the power you need when in the city. Once at cruising speed, the engine maximizes efficiency to ensure gas consumption is at a minimum. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Drive Mode Selector

    INFINTI always leaves the choice at your fingertips. The Drive Mode Selector allows you to choose between three distinct driving modes: Standard, Eco and Sport. The QX50 will automatically adjust the steering, engine and transmission settings to match your needs. This means you’re never forced to drive one way all the time—you can choose as the circumstances dictate. And, if you’re feeling creative, you can also customize your own setting!


Performance with Added Space

The QX60 adds another row of seating, while maintaining INFINITI's signature look, feel and premium performance.

Command the Road

The QX80 delivers even more power and room for up to 8, in a luxe design that commands the road—and attention.

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