Ford Service: Gets You Winter Ready


The seasons are changing, which means it’s time your Ford vehicle gets a comprehensive vehicle check from Ford Service.

Yes, we know it can be overwhelming to think about. It seems like there are so many things needed to get your car ready for the next season.

Ford Service understands that feeling. That’s why they’ve created specific services to ensure your Ford vehicle tackles the Canadian cold with absolute confidence.

The Right Tires

Outfitting your Ford with the right tires is an absolute must.

Ford Tire Experts know the best tires for your vehicle, anytime of the year. They work with each and every Ford vehicle, inside and out. This qualifies them to not only pick the best tires for the upcoming season, but also to explain why this is the best pick.

Of course, they carry 13 popular and well-regarded brands to help match with your driving habits and vehicle history.  Best of all, Ford’s Price Match Promise looks out for your wallet. If you find a lower price for the tires you want, they will match it.

That’s right—expert advice and the best price.

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The Right Brakes

You have the right tires, so now it’s time for the perfect brakes to pair with them.

Ford only uses Motorcraft® Brakes engineered by Ford. These are made specifically for your Ford vehicle, so there’s no second-guessing if it’s right.

And, Ford Service Experts will take care of absolutely everything—from installation to inspection, to fluid check—so you can drive with confidence no matter how dicey the weather gets.

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The Right Service

Give your Ford a comprehensive service package with The Works. It’s not just a clever name: The Works truly goes above and beyond a regular oil change, which is crucial at this time of the year.

Your Ford Service Expert will go through an 83-point inspection—virtually everything gets checked!—a tire rotation and more.

When complete, you walk away with a Vehicle Report Card. This tells you what needs immediate attention and what can wait, ensuring you drive away confidently and so there are no surprises on your next visit.

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The Right Package

Ford’s Winter Performance Package is a turnkey package that outfits your Ford with winter tires, tire pressure sensors and new steel rims. This is an incredibly easy point-and-click option that gets your vehicle ready from the get-go—and it’s available for new and used vehicles!

Get your Ford vehicle Winter Ready



The seasons are changing, which means it’s time your Ford vehicle gets a comprehensive vehicle check from Ford Service. 10/7/2019 12:35:43 PM