2015 Tesla Model S P90D AWD Ludicrous Autopilot Vancouver $98,900
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2015 Tesla Model S P90D AWD Ludicrous Autopilot - Vancouver

  • Leather Interior
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Heated Seats
  • Climate Control

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33,500 km
P90D AWD Ludicrous Autopilot
Body Type
532 bhp
1 Speed Automatic
Stock Number
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
Fuel Type
City Fuel Economy
Hwy Fuel Economy

Oh how time flies. Over a century has gone by since the creation of the first internal combustion automobile, and the basics still remain mostly the same. Burn fossil fuel, make propulsion. Automakers have slowly, over time, perfected this chemical balancing act to make it both more powerful and more reliable. But in the last 15 years, something has been brewing at a little Energy Storage company called Tesla. Something so ridiculously, pointlessly, and awesomely powerful that it may actually cause you to go into cardiac arrest? Yes. They did it. Those super nerds over at Tesla created a sedan, that goes from 0-60 mph, in 2.8 seconds, and crosses the quarter mile in 11.1 seconds at 121 mph. Enter the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D.

How might something weighing 4800 lbs seemingly defy physics in such a violent way you might ask? Well that comes down to something called torque. The P90D makes a lot of it. 731 Ft-lbs to be exact, all of it being sent to all 4 wheels via 2 separate electric motors. That Lamborghini that pulls up next to you at a light? Well it will only be seeing your Tesla badge till the next set of lights. While the Lamborghinis single clutch, automated manual transmission slugs from gear to gear, the Tesla sends its power through one single endless gear. That translates to no gear changes, and a tidal wave of seemingly never-ending torque. Press the right pedal to the floor, and your children will be able to wave Bye-Bye to Mr Balboni via the rear facing jump seats.

So here you are. The king of the city streets. Fastest of all the land. What about where you sit? Surely a car this fast will feature a spartan, optionless interior, no? This is where the Model S surprises. Though minimalistic, the interior features heated seats, automatic climate control, and best of all, a massive iPad-like touchscreen that not only controls everything, but also connects you to the world via Google maps and internet connectivity and streaming. Whether you need a live traffic update, want the song that just slipped into your head to be played, or want to open the moonroof just a tad, the massive screen has your back.

But what if You didnt feel like driving? What if you just felt like sitting back, and letting the hands of technology guide your eternal destiny? Well then it looks like you are in luck, because this car has a stalk, that when pulled twice, takes the tedium of driving right out of your hands. Stereo cameras and radar send signals to the on-board systems, keeping you between the lines of the road, even at highway speeds, by a little magic called Autopilot. 15 years. That is all it has taken this small tech startup to go from a continuation effort of the GM EV-1 experiment, to the self-driving missile of a car it is today. So strap in the family, and go for a drive. The future, is now.

-Autopilot Features
-All Glass Panoramic Roof
-90 KW Dual Motor Drive
-All Wheel Drive
-Ludicrous Speed Upgrade
-Range Upgrade
-Alcantara Headliner
-Extended Nappa Leather
-Premium Interior Lighting
-Obeche Gloss Wood Décor
-Ultra high fidelity sound system
-Premium Interior Package
-Smart Air Suspension
-Rear Facing Seats
-Parcel Shelf
-Supercharger Enabled
-Red Brake Calipers
-Carbon fibre rear Spoiler
-Subzero Weather Package

Condition Analysis
33,500 km
LOW km based on 20,000 km/year
Features & Options
  • Leather Interior
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Heated Seats
  • Climate Control
  • Spoiler
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • AM/FM Stereo
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Discounted November 1, 2018
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  • Vancouver, BC