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2016 Infiniti Q50

Trim: 3.0t Sport
by Valmiles on 02-13-2017
Looks Good on Paper
On paper, this Q50 Sport is a great car, less expensive and more capable than BMW 3-series or Mercedes Benz C-class. However, handing is awful, worse than any other car I have owned or driven, including SUVs!

Q50 is not new to power steering foes. 2015 has its issues with Direct Adaptive Steering. 2016 has gone to electric assisted power steering on the Sports model with the second generation DAS being an option. Being well aware of the issue with the first generation DAS, I elected to get base electric power steering.

The car, however, wanders whichever way the road takes it, which is specifically evident at highway speeds. If you hold the steering wheel perfectly straight, the vehicle starts pulling in one direction, after correcting it, it pulls in the other. We have seen number of reviews on infinitiq50.org forum about this issue, some owners indicating that Run Flat Tires (RFTs) are causing this behavior.

I don’t know for certain and I’m not willing to replace tires on the brand new vehicle. In few months I will trade it in and get something else, although at a loss.

Other than this issue and few deficiencies with the infotainment system, such as lack of useful applications and slow response, this car has been good. Acceleration is excellent, but the poor steering takes all the fun out of driving it.
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