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1988 Chevrolet Caprice

Trim: 4 door sedan. with full hard top.
by JacobJason on 01-08-2017
what a car. no wonder it lasted from 1977 to 1990
one of the best cars ever made. I bought it from an old man.who did not know what is wrong with it because he probably took it to a bad mechanic that does not know how to repair the delco ignition system i took it for someone who repaired american cars for 35 years. first it had an issue of never going over 100kmh. when it was fixed we went to a very empty road. it went from 100kmh to over 220khm!. i thought this car top speed was 160-180 tops.it went significantly over 200. it drives very softly you barely feel the road. even at very high speeds. also it has strong brakes. light steering wheel. but not crazy light.. it has a v8 engine. so it is not the most fuel friendly. it has a very large fuel tank.

the seats are the most comfortable seats i ever tried. they literally are soft sofas rather than seats. which are fit for kings!. also no one will complain about sitting on the rear seats. due to the huge room available. you can also sleep in the trunk xD. unlike today's matchbox sized cars. the interior itself is very premium and classy. something that most cars today lack. the body is rock solid. so if somebody bumps into you. they will cry and you will have a hard time looking for a scratch. mine has a full hardtop which looks super cool.

in short if you want to buy a classic car. buy it without 2nd thought.. why this one?. because spare parts are easy to find. also it is easy to repair. trust me. you DON'T want a car where repairing it is a nightmare. before buying take it for inspection to a reputable mechanic. i was lucky. you may not. but if it needs small repairs than go for it. better off than a flimsy toy car. this is a real car that will always have its worth.

drive safely and don't speed. what we did was for testing only. i am a slow driver. always check on it once every now and then. it should last for a very long time. and best of luck
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